1.5T Man-Up Electric High Level 9 meters Order Picker


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Key Features:

  • Low gravity center provides good stability;
  • Electric powered steering offers easy, flexible, highly efficient, and quiet operation;
  • The truck adopts integrated control handle and steering handle mechanisms and the traveling, lifting, and lowering functions can be achieved through control handles;
  • The oil cylinder will automatically decelerate when it’s 500mm away from the ground to prevent impact and reduce noise;
  • The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable;
  • Low voltage protection setting prolongs the battery use time;
  • AC motor eliminates replacement of the carbon brush, providing good ramp starting performance and regenerative braking functions;
  • The sideway battery is convenient for exchanging and maintaining;
  • The mast channel steel is the special type imported from Germany;
  • High-performance multi-function instrument has LED light and display;
  • The truck can automatically decelerate when quick turning;
  • Height display and automatic deceleration at high lifting levels are adopted on the truck;
  • The step-less speed control system is safe and quiet.

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